Ittica Donataccio s.r.l. is a supplier of fresh and frozen seafood products coming from our seas and from the best European fish markets. A fundamental phase of the whole processing line is the transport.

To ensure the best in terms of hygiene and temperature, the seafood products are distributed by our motor vehicles or using only the best national and international carriers, in order to ensure the maintenance of the cold chain and the high standards of product quality.

Our strength in this sector is undoubtedly the freshness combined with the quality of the products and a fast and efficient service.

Thanks to an extremely capillary and functional transport system, Ittica Donataccio is able to distribute seafood products on all the territory, with daily, punctual and qualitatively impeccable deliveries.

The entire operating platform is subject to high hygienic-sanitary standards dictated by the HACCP control system.