Baked Sea Bream

The baked sea bream with side dish of tasty sliced potatoes is a second course of classic and tasty fish.

– Sea bream 900 g
– Potatoes 400 g
– Garlic 2 cloves
– Rosemary 1 branch
– Thyme 1 branch
– Dried oregano 1 pinch
– Lemons 2 slices
– Flakes of salt q.b.
– Black pepper q.b.
– Salt up q.b.
– Extra virgin olive oil 40 g

Prep time: 55 mins – Level: Easy – Doses: 2 serving

To prepare the baked sea bream we start from sea bream cleaning: with a scissors cut the fins, then remove the scales under running water using the back of a knife or, if you have it, with the appropriate tool to remove fish scales or with a knife blade. With a pair of scissors, make a cut on the belly of the sea bream, proceeding straight up to under the head. At this point remove the innards and rinse the sea bream well under running water to eliminate impurities. Fill the cavity with the sprigs of rosemary, the sprigs of thyme, the two cloves of garlic, salt and pepper and finally add two slices of lemon.

Put the sea bream aside for a moment and go to the potatoes: wash and peel them with a potato peeler, then cut them into very thin slices with a mandoline. Put the potatoes in a bowl and season with oil and dried oregano. Also add the flakes of salt and mix well. Take a baking sheet and pour the potato slices, leaving some space at the center and trying not to overlap them excessively, so that they become well crispy during cooking.

Put the sea bream in the center of the pan, next to the potatoes. Add a last bit of oil and bake at 180 degrees for 40 minutes (static oven). Remove from the oven and remove from the belly of the sea bream all the smells, the lemon and garlic. Your baked sea bream is ready to be filleted and served!