Global Network

We distribute the best products that are fished in the seas all over the world in the major national and local fish markets. Become you too one of our partners or customers.

Daily the fish is brought to our manufacturing plant and from here it is prepared and sorted to be delivered every morning on the counters of fish shops and in the day at restaurants and hotels.

We are a leading company in the distribution of shellfish. Being the first and only one shellfish purification center of Gargano we can guarantee our customers a product free of any impurities, synonymous with quality and safety.

The supply of various seafood products at the international level is strictly selected and continuous. In the world, at any time of day, the company works to ensure the arrival of products in the shortest possible time. There are no timetables because the market is global and activities are developed 24 hours a day, in Italy and in the world, for 365 days a year.

The “very fresh” local and national seafood products are distributed daily.