Your business benefits economically by providing customers with the best seafood products on the market.

In the catering sector the core business is determined by the quality and goodness of the dishes offered. Present them to the fullest with quality seafood products is very important.

Selecting good quality ingredients for your menu is very important: the taste, aroma and consistency of food make the difference between a local and its competitors, and customers are certainly able to distinguish a mediocre dish from an excellent one.

Here because it is necessary to identify, through a preliminary analysis of demand and competition, the tastes and needs of current and potential customers and to establish the most appropriate actions to satisfy them, with mutual benefit for customers and for the company.

So saving money is not always a right choice: some suppliers and restaurateurs, in fact, in order to keep their prices low, reduce safety measures to a minimum and use raw materials of dubious origin, which can turn into a real danger for the health of customers. Ittica Donataccio instead uses only certified products, fresh and genuine, and uses appropriate methods and vehicles for storage and transport.

This means that the “cold chain” will be fully respected, that no preservatives will be added or harmful substances and that the freezing of raw materials will be carried out in the most appropriate way: in practice all that is of vital importance for foods like fish.