Our experts work hard to maintain the quality of the fish offered to our loyal customers.

Our staff has a great passion for commerce, loves the sea, wants to satisfy the customer at 100% through a serene professional relationship and of extreme trust.

At the Ittica Donataccio the raw material is exposed for customers: fresh fish, smoked fish, Italian and international, crustaceans, molluscs, mussels and all that more genuine you could wish for!

From the blue fish of the Italian seas, to the crustaceans and shellfish most wanted from around the world, the wide range of seafood counters offers to the customer an interesting seasonal rotation of the best quality of seafood, proposed fresh every day.

The freshness of the fish is guaranteed by daily arrivals and a lot of attention is dedicated to the presentation and cleaning of products. The staff also carefully follows their customers, advising on how to cook the freshly selected products to obtain very tasty dishes.