Sustainable fishing

Sustainable fishing

The fish produced responsibly is the modern, safe and profitable key for the fish industry.

Consuming in a sustainable and informed way is possible: consumers can contribute to the solution by making the right choice. It is possible to choose sustainable fish in supermarkets, markets and fishmongers, both from an environmental and a social point of view: favoring, for example, the species available that are often excluded from consumer choices.

In the Mediterranean Sea it is possible to choose local and artisanal products with “zero food miles”. Contact your trusted fishmonger to find out which species are fished in your area..

Diversifying fish at the table ensures a more balanced pressure on marine resources, which favors the maintenance of biodiversity, which in turn makes marine ecosystems stronger. Choose uncommon species: in the Mediterranean there are over 500 species of edible fish but only about twenty are those usually chosen. In addition to discovering new and surprising flavors, the cost of lesser known species may be lower than that of the best known species, with good savings.

A fish that is too young has not yet had time to reproduce. Ask your trusted fishmonger to check that you are buying adult fish. By doing so, you will help to replenish fish resources.

In the European Union it is your right to know the full name of the fish you are buying, its origin, if it has been caught, bred, if it is fresh or defrosted fish.